4 Advantages of music for toddlers

Toddlers are well, busy.  They love to go, move, do, and say “No!”  They also desperately crave predictability and routine.  Parents are challenged by near polar opposite behavior – one minute all is well; the next, there is a meltdown.  A toddler will cling to mom as if he will never let go, and the next moment adamantly asserts the independence of a teenager.  At the same time, toddlers are becoming very social, interested in other people and moving from the parallel play where they play alongside other children to cooperative play where they start to play with the other children.

If all of these changes were not enough, brain development is literally exploding.  In fact, the only two times in a child’s life when there is such significant brain activity is when he/she is a toddler and a teenager.  Vocabulary and communication skills are blossoming, as the toddler goes from about 10 words in his vocabulary to upwards of 300 or so words by age 3.  Motor skills are also developing at a rapid rate – suddenly the child who was barely toddling along is now running, jumping, and galloping everywhere.  Whew!  No wonder moms and dads of toddlers are extra busy – and exhausted! – During this particular season of childhood.

With so much experience inside our toddler’s busy little mind and body, kinder music is one activity that beautifully supports and enhances this crucial season in our child’s life.

Though we could probably name a hundred, here are four benefits of music classes for toddlers in Singapore:

1.  A music class like kinder music provides an environment that is both motivating and nurturing for toddlers.

With so much growth and development happening, toddlers need both the challenge of new things to learn and do as well as the comfort of loving adults and activities that nurture the soul.

2.  Early experiences with music and movement give our toddler an early learning benefit.

The connection between music and academic achievement is undeniable, as highlighted in this recent article.  There’s no better time to be enrolled in music classes than the toddler years when brain growth and development is at its peak, especially with the powerful combination that music and movement gives.

3.  Music, specifically singing songs and speaking rhymes and chants, improves language development.

At a time when language development is most crucial, there is nothing more beneficial to speech, syntax, and pre-literacy than singing simple songs and reciting chants.  It will start with a few words here and there and then eventually grow into a small repertoire of favorite songs and rhymes that our toddler can sing or say all the way through.

4.  Early childhood music classes put a song in a child’s heart to stay.

Toddlers love music and giving them an early start with music plants the seeds that bloom into a lifelong love for and appreciation of music.  Music is one gift we can give our toddler that will have a lifetime of meaning, memories, impact, and joy.  No other activity has the potential to influence our child like music does. To read more about keyboard lessons for children visit here.